Legal Aid helps vulnerable children with special needs seeking a fair and appropriate education, and teen parents struggling to get an education while raising a family. Our community thrives when all children receive the education that best meets their individual needs.

Legal Aid helps a child with special needs access a fair education


Lani’s five-year-old son Robert started school soon after his father was arrested for domestic violence. Coupled with his diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Robert soon began experiencing behavioral issues at school. Despite knowing about Robert’s problems, Robert’s teacher consistently abused him verbally in front of classmates, refused to let him attend school trips, and often sent him to the principal’s office. Lani tried to transfer Robert to another classroom, but the principal refused. What could Lani do to ensure that her son receive the education he deserved?


How Legal Aid Helped

As part of our Kids in Crisis Program, Legal Aid helped Lani advocate for Robert’s well being in meetings with the school and the special education director of the school district. As a result of Legal Aid’s guidance, the school administration put a plan in place with specific procedures for all of Robert's potential disciplinary actions. The principal offered to change Robert’s teacher and invited Lani to sit in on classes and visit with teachers, so that she could choose the best classroom for Robert for his next school year.


Today Robert is thriving in his new learning environment and getting the attention he deserves.

Legal Aid's Access to Special Education Programs

Kids in Crisis Program

Helps children with disabilities and their families with questions about special education services and access to a fair and appropriate education.


Teen Parents Project

Helps teen parents access education programs.

Peninsula Family Advocacy Program (FAP)

Helps patients and their families from medical-legal partnership (MLP) hospitals and clinics with questions about special education services and access to a fair and appropriate education. FAP works with doctors and medical providers to best understand the child's educational needs.