Legal Aid helps vulnerable, low-income individuals and families faced with renting in an area of limited housing and high rents, who need legal assistance to have a place to live. We help thousands in our community stay in their homes and we help ensure that their homes are safe and healthy.

Legal Aid helps caregiver stay in home


As a care provider for seniors, Melissa’s work hours were reduced due to her employer’s budget cuts. Melissa was unable to meet her rent payment and received a three-day notice from her landlord. With her five children, ranging in age from 7 to 20 years old, living with her, Melissa scrambled to gather the funds necessary to pay the rent.  But when she tried to pay the landlord, he refused and began eviction proceedings. How could Melissa keep her apartment and ensure her family had a place to live?


How Legal Aid Helped

Through the HomeSavers Project, Legal Aid appointed an attorney to help Melissa fight the eviction notice. Legal Aid learned that Melissa had attempted to pay the rent only a day after the three-day notice had expired. The attorney then prepared an answer for Melissa to file in court and argued that Melissa’s history of meeting payments should preclude this one-time lapse. Legal Aid successfully negotiated with the landlord who accepted Melissa’s rent money and permitted her to continue as a tenant.


Today Melissa and her five children continue to live together under one roof and are grateful for Legal Aid’s help in enabling them to keep their home.

Legal Aid's Homelessness Prevention Programs

HomeSavers Project

Helps tenants who are having problems with their landlords. Tenant clinics are held three times a week. Drop-ins are welcome but appointments are given preference.


Peninsula Family Advocacy Program (FAP)

Helps patients and their families from medical-legal partnership (MLP) clinics and hospitals resolve matters involving landlord and tenant problems, including housing habitability problems.

Senior Advocates Program

Helps San Mateo County residents age 60 and over to resolve matters involving landlord and tenant problems.