Legal Aid Remains a Vital Resource for Vulnerable Seniors in our Community


Mr. Orozco is a disabled Spanish-speaking senior who recently had a stroke that left him using a wheelchair and dependent on his family for his daily care needs. He was referred to Legal Aid by his Aging and Adult Services Social Worker because Mr. Orozco was being abused by his adult son, who lived with him. The son physically and verbally, abused not only Mr. Orozco but also his wife, and minor daughter. The son took further advantage of his father by living rent-free without contributing to any of the household expenses.  

he Legal Aid attorney secured an Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Restraining Order with an immediate move-out provision against Mr. Orozco's son, which extended the protections of the order to Mr. Orozco's wife and minor daughter. They are now safe from Mr. Orozco's son. 

To protect client confidentiality, all client names have been changed.