Legal Aid Provides Support For A Veteran


"John," a veteran who returned from service with Post Traumatic Brain Injury (PTBI), lives on a fixed income in a modest mobile home, in a rent-stabilized mobile home park. His PTBI symptoms, including agitation, raised voice, and terrible anxiety, can appear threatening to those who don't realize that the troubled veteran has never been violent toward anyone. As a result, complaints from neighbors about John's erratic behavior prompted his landlord to threaten him with eviction. Fearing the loss of his home, John came to Legal Aid.

The attorney investigated the facts and determined from John's doctor that John's symptoms had worsened due a problem with his medication, which the doctor successfully adjusted. Legal Aid was then able to assert John's right, as a person with a disability, to be accommodated by his landlord, giving him a second chance to demonstrate that his problems were being addressed, and allowing him to keep his affordable home. 

To protect client confidentiality, all client names have been changed.