Unfair Wage Garnishing

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Mr. Jones worked hard to make ends meet. One day Mr. Jones received a notice from a company that he had never heard of saying that that his wages were being garnished. Mr. Jones was shocked. To try to understand what was going on, Mr. Jones went to the courthouse where he learned that the company – a debt buyer – had obtained a default judgement against him nearly 10 years ago. The debt buyer claimed to have served Mr. Jones at a certain address, but Mr. Jones had proof that he had moved from that address many months before the lawsuit was even filed.

Mr. Jones felt helpless and very scared. He had no idea how to stop a wage garnishment and had no money to hire a private attorney. Mr. Jones turned to Legal Aid for help, and because he had legal representation, the debt buyer ultimately agreed to set aside the judgement against Mr. Jones, refunding his garnished wages and dismissing the case. Mr. Jones was extremely grateful.

To protect client confidentiality, all client names have been changed.